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What People Are Saying.....

"Amazed at the quality this little Bot delivers"

"These machines work day and night and are virtually silent!"

"One of the best purchases I have ever made for our property!  100% satisfied"

"Zero emissions, near perfect results!"

"All but eliminated unsightly clippings, the yard has never been so clean"

Designed for anything...... 

Obstacles - Proximity sensors reduce speed as bot approaches.  Bump sensors allow Bots to reverse course when needed.

Rest - Built in battery monitoring alert Bots when charging is required.  A quick trip to the charging base and they are ready to work again in no time!

Contours - Boundary wire allows for custom design and increased maneuverability.  Free form planting beds are no challenge to our Bots.

Control - Have complete control over your Bot form any smart phone or computer

Rain - Just when the local landscape company is calling it a day due to rain, your Bot will be heading out to work.  Designed to work rain or shine!

Security - Unique pin codes and real time GPS tracking ensure the safety of each Bot.

Terrain - Designed to handle slopes up to 45 degrees.  Sensors ensure the Bots safely navigate even the most extreme terrain.

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